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Solar EV Charging has become more mainstream with charging unit becoming cheaper in the last few years. We use the latest designs and offer various power options from only £995 depending on the solar system.

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Tell us about your home and EV charging requirements .We'll listen & design a solar system just for you. Book a home visit today.

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We use the latest solar panel technology to

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We use the latest solar panel technology to

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Save Up to 63% on your utility bills with a solar panel system WITH EV.

You can save alot more as well as make money by selling your electricity back to the grid but most installations save an average of 63%. A solar panel system starts at £4995 fully installed with a 10 year guarantee. EV Charging From £995.

solar panels surrey
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Darin B. Hampton Court

I am doing my solar system in stages due to budget but its a long term home so worthwile. I have been really impressed with the first stage installation and results. very professional installers.

Kirstin p. West Molesey

Cheaper than what we were quoted from a national providers and i like supporting local companies who were very professional and completed the work quickly. No issues and great communication.

Solar panels can cost as little as £250 each and there are literally hundreds of options to choos from. This is why it's so important to talk with a local solar expert (like us in Surrey) as we will need to measure the space available for a solar panel array then we can work back what is available in terms of solar power generation.  The solar panels will dictate which solar inverter is matched to the solar output then if you require battery storage which we always recommend and finally if you have or plan to have an electric vehicle at some point. Talk to our team who can advise you on the best solar option to suit your needs, it will cost less than you think and you have a local company who is always available when you need us.

No. We never charge for a site visit unlike some other companies as we need to assess your property location that can be hard to do with satellite imagery. We also need to understand your requirements to be able to build a solar system that suits your needs now and can be scaled for the future. Talk to us and we can arrange a time suitable for you to visit. We only need 30 minutes to inspect your home and work out the best solution for you. There's no hard sell approach.

Your initial investment in a solar system completely depends on what size of system you need along with the features you require like EV charging etc. Our average payback is currently 4.5 years for a 5.0kw system installed in a 3-4 bedroom property but can extend to 8 years depending on location.  What is clear across all of our solar systems is the initial investment completely justifies itself over time and either adds capital to your home should you sell it or if its a forever home you should see up to 20 years of performance.

We're a local Surrey solar system business so our reputation is extremely important to us and reflective of the service we provide you so we offer a full guarantee on our services which include installation and full manufacturers warranty on solar panels, solar inverters, solar EV chargers and solar batteries. We only use the best and latest solar components so whichever solar company you choose make sure they detail the components used. We do and always will.

There are a number of solar panel schemes available but what we have noticed is the larger providers increased their quotes due to the subsidy available meaning you pay more.  We decided to charge our normal margin which we continue to this day and we are a local business with the same (or better) buying power as most of the national solar panel providers. Compare us & see for yourself.

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With over 20 years of solar expertise we know a thing or two about solar panel systems, solar batteries and solar EV charging. We're also a Surrey business who can supply, install and maintain your solar panel installations.

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If you are prepared to invest in your solar future you will continually save money immediately. Solar EV charging is simple to setup and app based to make your end of day plugin on the driveway simple. Our no obligation site survey will provide the information you need to make an informed decision. Talk to us today.